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What's the difference between CDs and MIDI files?
CDs play in a "regular" CD player and cannot be changed. MIDI files are interactive data files. With a MIDI file you can change the instruments that are playing particular parts, speed up the song without changing the key, change the key without changing the tempo, change the number of verses and choruses, etc.
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The CD won't play in my CD player. What's wrong?

Check the packaging to see if you have MIDI files on a CD-ROM or a CD audio digital recording. MIDI files on a CD-ROM will not play in a CD player. If you do have a CD audio digital recording, and it's not playing in your CD player, give us a call.
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What is MIDI?
MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI was originally designed to allow musical instruments to communicate. In churches, MIDI is typically used as musical accompaniment for congregational singing. Our CDs are used in the same way, but the advantage of MIDI is that you can make changes to the song.

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What is General MIDI?
General MIDI (GM) is the industry standard for MIDI. To play our files, you will need equipment that is GM compatible. This will ensure consistent playback of the MIDI data contained in the files.
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What are GS and XG?
GS and XG are Roland's and Yamaha's enhanced versions of GM. All MIDI Marvels MIDI products are GM, GS, and XG compatible.
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What is a Standard MIDI file?
The word "standard" indicates the way in which a MIDI file is saved on a disk. Standard MIDI files have the file extension ".mid". All MIDI Marvels MIDI files are standard.
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How do I play MIDI files?
There are a number of ways to play MIDI files. The most common are: GM-compatible electronic keyboard with 3.5" disk drive for inserting the MIDI disk, stand-alone MIDI player, and computer to sound module to sound system.
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My equipment uses floppy disks, but you sent a CD-ROM. How do I use it?
We package collections on CD-ROMs rather than individual disks for two reasons. First, MIDI files are easily corrupted on floppy disks, and CD-ROMs significantly reduce the risk of corrupting the files. Second, while only six to eight MIDI files fit on a floppy disk, we can put hundreds of them on one CD-ROM. You can place the CD-ROM into the CD drive on your computer and copy the songs you need to a floppy disk for your service.
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Are the lyrics included in the MIDI files?
Yes. The lyrics are embedded as MIDI events on channel 4 of each MIDI file.
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