About Us
A片一级操逼成立于2004年,座落于中国纽扣之乡大舜。原材料采用日本独资企业生产的保利来POCYLITE纽扣专用树脂,是专为制造高档环保纽扣而设计的通用不饱和聚酯衬衫纽扣,主要特点:极高的光泽,良好的施工性,耐高温,耐抗击,防紫外线,符合日本青山株式会社Test method s1001-1995判断基准,色牢度:升华方法JIS-L-0854判断基准4级以上,环保方面纽扣通过oeko-Tex100认证,天祥集团生态国际认证,上海科垦检验有限公司测试标准。

Jiashan Xinlilai Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. was established on 2004, located in Dashun, the hometown of buttons in China. Our products adopt the POCYLITE Exclusive-For-Buttons resin, manufactured by Japanese invested enterprise. The POCYLITE resin is a universal unsaturated polyester that is designed to exclusively manufacture upmarket eco-friendly buttons. The main characteristics of our buttons include Super-High Glossy, Excellent Workability of Concrete, High Temperature Resistance, High Anti-Strike Resistance and UV Resistance. The buttons also meet the Standard of Test Methods 1001-1995 of AOYAMA TRADING Co., Ltd. Its Color Fastness is over Level 4 of the Standard of Sublimation Methods JIS-L-0854. In terms of Environmental Protection, our products are certified by the Standard of the Oeko-Tex100, the INTERTEK Group and SHANGHAI KAKON INSPECTION & TESTING SERVICES Co., Ltd.